EuropClub - tous ensemble
"We in Europe" is decentralised association with offices in each country and want to contribute to say, safeguard and guarantee the basic principles on the basis of the "Constitution" of the European Community.
Autonomy and independence from any political movement or social organization, inspired by the highest democratic principles and solidarity and aims to improve the social and environmental conditions in which it operates.
Working with all agencies and associations that have identical purpose, who may join, without losing their individuality; or which, without join, may constitute permanent tables of comparison and practical programming.
     It is proposed as a force driving economic and social development in the constant affirmation and continues the principles of legality, transparency and good administration.
The logo is written "communitatis mores legesque servare necesse est", because for a viable reality and a future generations is required all the healthy forces join to respect and enforce the costumes and the laws of the community.
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    EuropClub is a club affiliated "We in Europe", which manages all membership artistic cultural events, events and organized feasts, which can access only and exclusively members and invited from members.
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