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Pinina Podestà

coordinatrice ad interim della sezione pittura surrealista
video art
digital art
Pinina Podestà

coordinatrice ad interim della sezione pittura surrealista
video art
digital art

L'arte è l'espressione più eccelsa di un'aritmetica interiore e inconscia.(G.W. Leibniz)

Pinina Podestà nasce a Catania nel 1957, vive ad Augusta (SR).
Ha partecipato a diverse mostre in Italia e all'estero ,realizzato un murales a Gela , dal 1996 al 2001-2009 ha contribuito alla realizazione dei presepi artistici progettandone le scenografie presso palazzo di Città di Augusta su incarico dell'assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione e con la collaborazione della Commissione Storia Patria della stessa città.

Ha iniziato la sua attività artistica con la pittura ad olio come autodidatta. Nel 2001, attratta dalla potenzialità della grafica computerizzata e di Internet, si è avvicinata all'arte digitale, ma nonostante tali indagini e sperimenazioni con le nuove forme artistiche, continua a fare le tele ad olio e i disegni a matita e a volte le usa come fonti d'ispirazione per le collaborazioni digitali internazionali ed il suo web site contiene una raccolta di tali impianti.

Dal 2003 Collabora con diversi artisti di fama internazionale nell'ambito del processo di " Exquisite Corpse "

Ha realizzato vari progetti con questi artisti uno dei quali " As a Ghost" riguarda l' Hangar Dirigibili di Augusta un progetto digitale nel quale 15 artisti hanno dato il loro contributo artistico, il progetto e altri lavori sperimentali personali sono‘ stati presentati con un DVD in India nel gennaio 2006 presso "The Carnival of e-Creative & Ch'ange-agent Conclave " India International centre, New Delhi,

* Partecipa al prestigioso concorso " Digital Art Contest 2006 " di New York.

Ha realizzato diverse copertine di libri uno dei quali " Accabadora " di Giovanna Mulas ( autrice candidata due volte al nobel) di prossima uscita, oltre la copertina ha realizzato anche le illustrazioni interne del libro.
Pinina Podesta's surrealist art galleryvive ed opera ad Augusta
fanno parte della sezione
(secondo l'ordine temporale dell'adesione)
Bernard Dumaine
Works and lives in Angoulême, France
Vive e lavora a Angoulême, Francia
Born August 20th 1953
Diplôme National Des Beaux Arts - Sculpture, mention for drawing - 1977
Works mainly in the Surrealist style with various mediums such as oils,
acrylics, inks, digital imaging and video ;
Besides his own works, collaborates with international artists under the
process of the "Exquiste Corpse ";
Nato 20 agosto 1953
Diplôme National des Beaux Arts - Scultura, menzione per il disegno - 1977
Lavora principalmente in stile surrealista, con mezzi diversi, come gli oli,
acrilici, inchiostri, digital imaging e video;
Oltre alle sue opere, collabora con artisti di fama internazionale
nell'ambito del processo di "cadavere squisito";
Birds Island / EC con Karena Karras
Christmas spirit / EC con Janelle McKain
Le complicazioni / Ec con Pinina Podestà
Deliri / EC con Pinina Podestà
Surreal Bugothic / EC con Deborah Valentine
di lui si legge su wikipedia:
"è un artista francese tra i più noti per i suoi impianti in surrealismo e gli stili di photorealism.-  Progetta per i fumetti della televisione. Lavora in vari mezzi, compreso le pitture ad olio, le vernici acriliche, la matita della grafite, la pittura digitale, il collage digitale ed il video
Bernard Dumaine
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchstart content Bernard Dumaine (born August 20, 1953 in Angoulême, France) is a French artist most well known for his works in the surrealism and photorealism styles and for his background designs for televisioncartoons. He works in a variety of media, including oil paints, acrylic paints, graphite pencil, digital painting, digital collage, and video. Self Portrait, graphite pencil, 1983[edit] Life and WorkHe attained his National Fine Arts diploma in sculpture with a mention for drawing in 1977. Many single and group exhibitions followed, both locally and internationally. His early work included drawings in the style of photorealism and surrealist oil paintings. His surrealist work was influenced by Yves Tanguy and Max Ernst. Fond et la forme, oil on canvas, 1983He is currently working mostly in digital media, oil paints, and pencil. He is also doing Exquisite corpse works in collaboration with many artists internationally, and these collaborative works have recently been exhibited in galleries across France. Doigt, oil on canvas, 2000 No Man's Land, oil on canvas, 2002 Search 02, digital painting Untitled, digital painting exquisite corpse with Pinina Podesta, 2005He currently lives in Angoulême, France with his wife Catherine and children Lucie and Julien.From Bernard Dumaine's feature in Future Art Magazine:"Imagination and chance have a large place in the creation of my pictures, which are also works of experimentation and research. My favorite part of creating art is the 'stream-of-consciousness' and the discovery of each image as I am working-- I do not know exactly what would appear until I have finished it."
-Bernard Dumaine[edit] Publications
  • selected works in Renderosity: Digital Art for the 21st Century (2004, Collins Design) by John Grant and Audre Vysniauskas
  • selected works in Metamorphosis (2006, Jon Beinart)
  • Search 02 in Issue #1, Dark Recesses Press (Dark Recesses Press, 2005)
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Istuan Horkay
pittore ungherese
di lui si legge su wikipedia:
"è un artista tra i più noti per i suoi impianti in surrealismo e gli stili di photorealism.-  
vai al sito web Istuan HorKay
István Horkay (b. December 25, 1945 Budapest) is a Hungarian painter
After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1964, Horkay was invited to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow -Poland, the Major Art and Cultural Center of Eastern Europe, where he received his Master of Fine Arts.He continued his Studies at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (1968) and did additional Post graduate work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. (1971) Horkay studied under the Internationallyknow Artist and Theater DirectorTadeusz Kantor as well as Professors M.Wejman and J.Nowosielski. Palle Nielsen/Danmark/ He received Diplomas in Graphic Arts, Painting, and Film Animation.
Horkay's art is epitomic in the double meaning of the word: a fragment, an incised part of something already in existence, and - just because of this incision - is an injury to the finished surface, to the tangle of writing or a finished picture. This relies on the experience that man, handing himself down through signs, simulates a kind of sense-wholeness. In these series this textual sense-wholeness appears to be ever different as different colors enter the surface at different sites. It is the same and not the same at the same time. "Once the signs are scars, then the wounds will tell tales of some non-alleviated history" (D. Kamper - Zur Soziologie der Imagination Hanser V. 1986. p. 148).
The sign will temporarily closen over the story. Who else would know this better than Freud, who, after the neurological-physiological and neuropsychical phases, so deeply doubted that it was possible "to bring to light the hidden content in its wholeness"
(Konstruktionen in der Analyse 1937. in: Stud. Ausgabe Ergb. Fischer V. 1982. p. 398).
Béla Bacsó
Horkay Istvan Moholy-Nagy digital collage 2006
  • 2002 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale
  • 2002 Gallery of Art Eastern Washington University
  • 2002 Kamiyamada /Japan/
  • 2003 LeslieSacks Fine Art Los Angeles/Web Exhibition/
  • 2003 Collegium Hungaricum/Berlin/
  • 2003 American Fine Art Editions Inc/Scottsdale
  • 2003 LeVall Art Gallery Novosibirsk/ Russia
  • 2004 Gutman Galery Budapest
  • 2004 GGalery Budapest
  • 2004 Peter Greenaway /Tulse Luper Film There
  • 2004 Canariasmediafest
  • 2004 Ausztralia IDAA
  • 2004 Academy Gallery University of Tasmania
  • 2004 QUT Art Museum Brisbane,
  • 2004 VCA Gallery Australia
  • 2004 Montreal Festival of New Cinema
  • 2005 Belgrade/Closed Circuits/
  • 2005 VCA Gallery University of Melbourne
  • 2005 QUT Art Museum BRISBANE
  • 2005 Beijing Today Art Museum
  • 2006 New Delhi India CEC+CAC
  • 2006 QUT Art Museum Australia
  • 2007 Metro5 Gallery Australia
  • 2009 Jewish Museum of Australia
  • 2009 Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
  • 2009 Gallery art 6 Richmond/ Virginia
  • 2009 QACI Gallery, Queensland/ Australia
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Willem den Broeder
Technics used by Willem den Broeder are, paintings (acryl, oil, aquarel), drawings (charcoal, conté, pencil), Etching, carve wood, objects, digital technic and 'semi ready-mades', short surrealist movies and several works are accompany with poems.
[edit] Style and influence
His works belong to Dadaism and Surrealism of the modern art. He have also much interest in art history. The artist he admire are the old surrealists and dadaïsts as there was Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, writer Guillaume Apollinaire and André Breton founder and spiritual father of surrealism.
[edit] Collaborations
Pencil Drawing 30x24cm 2005 Exquisite Corpse
SCollaboration Bernard Dumaine F and Willem den Broeder NL
Willem den Broeder works with surrealists from all countries, as there are Rik Lina (Holland), Zazie (Austria), Bernard Dumaine (France), Richard Dotson, Graig Blair and Pablo Weisz Carington, son of Leonora Carrington (all USA), Pinina PodéstaItaly and many others.
The Platform for Surrealism, Surrealistic Art, Design, Animation, Virtual Reality, Literature, Automatic Writing, Surrealist Games, Poetry, Collaborations and a Special Editions section.
Evi Moechel borns in Homburg-Saar, Germany. Diploma in architecture and product
design 1981 at the Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern.
In 1982 I started as a professional photographer for different Austrian
newspapers and magazines. During the 15 years to come I had the chance
to portray numerous authors, artists and poets. Besides I focused on
creating my own landscapes and objects, my darkroom became my preferred
tool to experiment with shadow and light.
In 1997 I started playing around with Photoshop and 3D programs and soon
became aware of the possibilities to create effects that could not be
achieved by means of photography and darkroom technology. Since that
time I was captured by the passion for computers and the means they are
offering if you combine various programs to find new results and new styles.
*_Real life exhibitions_*
/*Jahresausstellung Homburger Künstler 2009 "Schnittstellen", Homburg,
October 2009 */
/*International Surrealist Show 2006, Arts On Grand Art Gallery*/
408 N Grand Ave, Spencer, Iowa, August 15 - September 18 2006
*/maf06 - Thailand New Media Arts Festival 2006/*
International Summit on Electronic Art and Creativity in Multimedia,
Bangkok 02-04 May
*/CeC & CaC is The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave/
India International Centre, New Delhi, India, January 27-28-29 2006
/*maf05*/*/ /*/*- Thailand 3rd New Media Arts Festival 2005*/
June 2005
/A/ <>/rt et Technologie/*/ -
/*Château de St. Auvent - St. Auvent - France - September 2004
/32 bits connection"/,/ /*Museumsquarter Vienna*
<>, Austria, Electric Avenue, Linux Weeks,
May 2004
/*"*/*/Andererseits : Die Phantastik/ <>/"/
*Oberösterreichische Landesmusseen,
Schlossmuseum in Linz, Opening April 30 - August 29, 2004
/*International Surrealist Show*/ <>
*- *Ohio* - Sea Lion Studio* <> - November
2003 -- *Surrealism Thrives* <00_WebPages/Ohio2003/SurrThrives.htm> -
*Poster* <00_WebPages/OhioParticipants.htm>
Budapest - BENCZÚR GALÉRIA - Group Exhibition - November 2003
Vienna - Golden Tulip Art Hotel Vienna - Group Exhibition - October 2003
Frankfurt - Airport Conference Center (ACC) - Group Exhibition - October
Espace Franquin/ - /Digital Art 2003 - Group exhibition in Angoulème -
France - August 2003
*Vienna Museums Quarter* <> - Electric
avenue - Opening the 13th of september 2002
/*Facing Faces 2002*/ <>/ - /Anti/-/Violence
Art Project, Museo Ex-Aduana, Ciudad Juárez, México, November 2002
University of Tasmania Academy Gallery, May 2002
*/IDAA/ <>* Hard Copy - San
Francisco USA opened 13 April until May 26
/*Pixxelpoint*/ <>/ /- International Computer
Art Festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, December 2001
/Wahrnehmungsweisen /- Homburg, Germany, December 2001
/*Facing Faces 2001* <> - /Anti/-/Violence Art
Project, Ciudad Juaréz, Mexico, September 2001
/Caution on orange/ - Benton Harbour, Michigan, USA, April - May 2001
/*Éveil paradoxal*/
*- Conches-en-Ouche, France, May - June 2000
/Revision/ - Homburg, Germany, June 2000
/Sacrilege, the magical against sacred - /Pilsen September 1999
/Sacrilege, the magical against sacred /- Prague, June - August 1999
Roland Quelven
Born in 1967 in Britanny ( France )
Professore di Matematica | Painter | Digital art & Video art
Since 2009
I am working on Napolecitta's project: Digital collages and flash movies ( combinations of numbers, maps, writings, paintings and masterpieces of Art history digitally assembled ) devoted to an encyclopaedical description of an imaginary city . All this seen through the prism of the Detail, whether iconic or pictorial, it produces the same effect: invite to travel inside.
Flash  Movies
Vidéos on Vimeo
Espace e-generic
Culture tv
Facebook (Antica Napolecitta)
With Istvan Horkay
La Chambre d'Istvan I
La Chambre d'Istvan II
With J.Karl Bogartte
With Raphaël Avenant
La Chambre de Raphaël I
La Chambre de Raphaël II
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