EuropClub - tous ensemble
of the constitution, the scopes and the legal nature
ART. 1
(of the center and purpose)
       Is constituted with temporary center in Messina  the called association "We in Europe" with the acronym "Messina 2004", with the symbol constituted from a rectangle of background bleu with twelve stars in color circle gold with in means one stilizzata dove, written in the advanced part of the circle "We in Europe" and the inferior part "Messina 2004"; it completes logo the written one "comunitatis mores legisque servare necesse est". –
       The association can open secondary centers (acronyms) or dependencies in any European and European state.-
       The association, in autonomy and independence from whichever movement, political party or social organization, inspiring itself to the highest giusnaturalistici principles, democratics and of solidarity, has like primary objective the protection of the inviolabili rights of the man, it is like single is in the social formations where esplica its personality and it resolves to do to improve the social conditions and acclimatizes them in which work with one series of economic, social, cultural initiatives.-
       The association means to realize "a political" plan, than, holding account of the associate-cultural traditions, it eliminates the inequalities and developments the democracy, creating the conditions for the participation effective of the citizens to the political, social, cultural life.-
       The association operates also in the within of the attendance, of the defense of the rights, the peace and the cooperation between the people, of the safeguard of the nature and the atmosphere, the culture, the sport, every the free time and in other social meaningful sphere.-
The association defines itself social "useful" being itself liberations constituted, al fine to carry out the described social activity, to agree in personal, spontaneous and free way.-
In particular:
a)     collaborates with other national and international organizations, and to such aim it can join such organisms, for the cooperation and the economic and cultural development, organizing a permanent table of exchange of information
b)      it collaborates with other organisms and local associations also that perseguino the same ones object to you;
c)       it carries out whichever social, cultural, economic and legal activity, directed to improve the society in which work, to eliminate the social ingiustizie and to guardian the interests of individuals and groups that operate and live in the atmosphere in which the association or one its acronym carries out its activity;
d)      it is proposed to promote initiatives of legislative character to the aim to bring modifications and innovations to the existing norm in matter of social interest;
e)     proposes initiatives to the aim to assess manifestations of wealth illicit or tried you of insertion of illicit profits in the economy for the financing of the organized crime or the international terrorism;
f)        it favors the exchange and the circulation of the culture and the ideas, by means of the organization of studies, you debate yourself, round conferences and tables on problems of the legal, economic, social present time and acclimatizes them with particular reference to relative issues to the territory in which work, proposing implementing concrete actions;
g)      it carries out a careful control on the political and administrative activity of the zone in which work rendering, if necessary, of public domain eventual disorganizations, illicit, trasgressiones of administrators and civil employees activating, if thought opportune, political, judicial and revenue initiatives;
h)      it promotes studies and plans pilot in order to favor social integration of all the communitarian and extracommunitarian citizens and for I throw again of the economy and the occupation;
i)       it favors initiatives to protection of infancy and the bearers of handicap;
j)        it constitutes work groups engages to you in the examination and the trattazione of arguments of particular importance; it promotes periodic encounter waves to reach to deepenings and you debate yourself also for the control of the performance of the program;
k)     constant activity of impulse carries out one and of consultation for the organs political and trained to you in the comparisons of which the role of necessary interlocutor must rivendicare also on uses of the structures and the resources;
l)       it promotes and it organizes social, cultural, recreational activities and sport with own contributions or of thirds party. -
ART. 9
(of the cessation of the associative relationship)
            The qualification of associate gets lost for death, dimissioni, exclusion. The dimissioni of the associate must be communicated to average letter registered letter at least two months before the expiration of the associative year; various the associate will be held equally to the payment of the social quota for the successive year.-
            The associative relationship, limitedly to the category of the effective associates, stops for deliberate exclusion of the directive council of the association, with the majority previewed for the admission: a) in case of lesivo behavior of the prestige and the honor of the Association; b) for serious violations of the Charter; c) for reiterata inottemperanza to the "deliberations", "directives" or "recommendations" of the organs of the association; d) for morosità.-
           The exclusion deliberation will have to be communicated to average letter registered letter with warning of reception to the associate, than, within thirty days from the reception, it will be able to propose resorted to the college of the probiviri, which will judge insindacabilmente and in an only degree on the legittimità or less of the provision.-
(of the organs of the association)
ART. 10
(of the elencazione)
          Are organs of the association:
 a) the assembly of associates (art. 11);
 b) the president, the vice president and treasurer (art. 12);
 c) the general secretary and managing directors (art. 13);
 d) the college of probiviri (art. the 14);
 e) directive council (art. 15);
ART. 11
(to of the assembly of associates)
          The assembly to you is sovereign and is composed from all associates to it to you effective.-
          They have voting right only associates it you effective, while those supporters can participate to the assembly without voting right. - The assembly can be open, on congiuntiva determination of the president and the general secretary, to thirds party observatories not associates.-
          The regularly constituted assembly represents the universalità of the associates and its deliberations adopted in compliance with the law and to the present charter obligate all the associates, even if dissenzienti or absent.-
           The assembly comes presided from the president of the association and in case of its absence or impediment from the vice president.-
       A) attributions: The assembly has the following attributions:
a)     elegge the president;
b)      elegge the general secretary, approving of of the program;
c)      deliberation on its motion of confidence;
d)      elegge the members of right of the college of the probiviri;
e)      does not approve of and modification the Charter;
f)        it approves of the consuntivo budget and estimate;
g)      it assumes every other decision previewed from the law for the agencies not profit and the ONLUS;
h)      it determines the lines of the program of the association and delegation for the performance of the program the general secretary;
i)        it assumes every other decision that is not of competence of other Organs.
B) convocazione and deliberations.-
The president convenes the assembly by means of warning, containing the order of the day, envoy at least five days before the convocazione date. In urgency case the assembly can immediately be convened, also without the respect of some term, purchè they have been informs in whichever way all to you associates to it to you, or of it is committee, however, communication in their address.-
 He comes convened in ordinary sitting every year within the end of the month of March for the approval of the consuntivo budget closed to 31 December of the previous year and the budget estimate of the R-this year.-
He comes convened in ordinary sitting at least thirty days before the expiration of the elective charges for I renew of the same ones.-
It comes convened in every extraordinary sitting qualvolta thinks the president to it or it demands it the general secretary, the directive council or half of associates to you, and, however, within the maximum term of thirty days from the demand.-
The assembly regularly is constituted in first convocazione with the participation at least the half of associates to you. In second convocazione it is not necessary some legal number. The convocazione warning must contain the place, the day and the hour of first and the second convocazione and between the two convocazioni must pass at least a day not more and than two days. - Delegations are not admitted and the deliberations come assumed to majority of the present ones.-
The assembly provvederà to the nomination of three scrutatori, to which is remitted the responsibility to follow and to control the ballot operations, to carry out the scrutiny and of proclamare turns out to you; the same ones will name between of they a verbalizzante secretary.-
The deliberations come assumed with the ballot of the simple majority of the taken part ones.-
 It is necessary, however, the majority of the two thirds party of associates to you: a) for the issolution of the association and eventual the other successive tasks to the issolution, intentional from the law;
b) in order to modify the Charter;
c) in order to provoke the dimissioni of the general secretary, by means of appropriate "motion of obligatory even if not binding distrust", on opinion of the president.-
The decisions of the assembly go annotated in appropriate "book", held to cure of the general secretary or from person from this delegate.-
ART. 12
(b: of the president, the vice president and the treasurer)
The president comes elect from the assembly of the associates. - Hard in he loads thirty months and he is rieleggibile. Nomination the vice president and the treasurer. - It exercises every previewed function from the present Charter. - E' president, nonchè member of right, the college of the probiviri. - It has the social representation and the trial-like legittimazione assets and liabilities of the association. - It has the social company and it can complete every action of ordinary and extraordinary administration, than it is not of competence for law or charter of other Organ. - It can open checking accounts near bancari institutes and mails them, ask confidences and reductions in price and complete every bank transaction, all included and nobody excluded, and can delegate the general secretary for the fulfillment of determines actions to you. - It can complete whichever action online with the scopes of the society, ivi comprised that one to demand and to accept movable or real estate financings, subsidies or donations.-
The vice president comes name from the president and can anytime from this last one be replaced. - He collaborates with the president in the accomplishment of its functions and he replaces it in case of impediment or absence, and however every qualvolta he comes to such need delegated from the president.-
The treasurer is name from the president and can anytime be replaced from the same one.-
The treasurer holds the book keeping registries and writings and is responsible, united to the president of financial and patrimonial means of the association.-
At least thirty days before the date established for the ordinary assembly anniversary of the associates, the treasurer introduces to the directive council the statement of the previous exercise and a budget estimate, united to one illustrative relation of the situation patrimonial financial institution and of the association. The council will be able to bring eventual modifications to the budget estimate before sottoporlo to the approval of the assembly.-
ART. 13
(c: of the general secretary and the managing directors)
The general secretary comes elect from the assembly of the associates every two years by means of the approval of its program. – E’ rieleggibile . –
Nomination the managing directors who compose the general secretariat.- Other initiative for the best accomplishment of its functions can proceed to rimpasti and substitutions and whichever.-
The extraordinary assembly must discharge itself every qualvolta, to such convened need, approves of the "motion of distrust" in its confronts.- Also the name managing directors from the dimissionario general secretary have the duty to discharge themselves. - But the general secretariat has powers of prorogatio for the ordinary administration until the election of the new general secretary.-
In urgency case it can adopt whichever provision, hearing the opinion binding of the President of the association.-
The managing directors come name from the general secretary and compose the general secretariat. - They carry out whichever function that the secretary, to the ends of a better organization, means to delegate. - The nominations are obligatory of:
a)     managing director to the relationships with international, national and regional organisms, with the magistracy and the institutional authorities governmental premises;
b)      managing director to the relationships with the President of the Regional Province of Messina, with the Mayor of the Common one of and with the Chancellor of the ;
c)     managing director to the relationships with other professional institutes, public agencies, mayoralties, orders, you leave yourself political, provincial and communal organizations and associations;
d)      managing director to the relationships with associates to it to you;
e)      managing director to the decentralization and the relationships with the quarters;
f)       managing director to the organization of plans pilot, studies, you debate yourself, round conferences and tables;
g)     managing director to the pubblicistica and information, also in via data transmission;
h)     managing director to the relationships with the press.-
 In case of lacked nomination the managing directors of which to advanced letters a-h, the general secretary covers such charges to interim, but he cannot cover them for a advanced period to thirty days, but a greater term come to an agreement from the president of the association; and he does not have, however, the right of ballot for the deliberations of the directive council, in place of the managing director whom he has straight to participate to you to the senses of the art. 15 and have not been name.-
The general secretary can name of time in time between associates to it to you and he does not associate to you, heard the opinion binding of the President of the association, one or more councilmen which representatives in local, regional, national and international organisms.-
ART. 14
(d: of the college of probiviri)
The college of the probiviri it is composed: to) from the president of the association that presides it; b) from two elect members from the every assembly thirty months, united to the president of the association.-
All the effective associates can be elect probiviri who are not defaulting in the comparisons of the association.-
He interprets the norms of the present Charter, he decides on the resource of the excluded associate and composes the controversies and the conflicts of attribution between the organs of the association.-
He just expresses to seem on the moral behavior of the lesivo thought enrolled one of the interests of the association.-
He defines the disputes between associates to you and association let alone those between he associates for relating issues relationships to you associate to you.- He decides on the resources is left over to you from associates adverse the provisions to you adopts to you from the directive council that declare the morosità, the exclusion or the suspension of the associate.-
The college of probiviri the deliberation to majority of the ballots and its judgment are unquestionable. - The decisions must in any case be motivated and be assumed with the participation at least three of its members.-
ART. 15
(e: of the directive council)
 The directive council is composed gives:
 a) president;
 b) vice president
 c) general secretary;
 d) treasurer
 e) the managing directors of which to the art. 13 letters d), e) and h)
 Il directive council gathers every qualvolta is thought necessary as a result of convocazione of the president or the every vice president and turns demands it the general secretary.-
For the validity of the reunions the presence is necessary at least five members and the deliberations are assumed to majority of the present ones. In case of absence of the president and vice-president the general secretary presides.-
They can participate to the directive board meetings, on disposition of the general secretary, felt the opinion binding of the president of the association, also all or a part of the name managing directors from the general secretary for particular functions, whose nomination is not obligatory, but without right of ballot for the assumption of the deliberations of the directive council.-
The directive council deliberation on the admission, the expulsion and the suspension of the associates, the state of morosità of the same ones and on the eventual dimissioni rassegnate from the associates; on the entity of the social quotas and on the services being up to the associates.-
The directive council to its insindacabile judgment can decide that the associates pronunzino on whichever argument by means of referendum, or to indire the initiative of referendum or popular petitions on issues of social character.-
ART. 16
(of the norms of dismissal)
For previewed how much do not apply to the civilistiche norms disciplining the associations not recognized.-
In case of transformation in ONLUS, express they are recalled, in order to make some it leave essential thing of the present Charter, all the norms of D.Lvo 4 dicenbre 1997 n. 469 on the agencies not profit and ONLUS, if obligatorily applicable, in how much the Association carries out activity of scientific search of particular social interest for the perseguimento of usefullness purpose and social solidarity, than the situations of disadvantage of some subjects and enterprises are realized in removing respect to others, and in order to facilitate initiatives for the occupation and the development economic associate, particularly in favour of areas repressed of the European and international community. For a reason or purpose esemplificativo the association: a) it cannot carry out various activities from those mentioned, except if directly they are not connected; b) it cannot distribute, also in indirect way, profits and deep remainders of management nonchè, reservoirs or understood them during the life of the organization, less than the destination or the distribution is not taxes for law or is carried out in favor of other ONLUS that for law charter or regulations make part of the same and unitary structure. To the effects of the present norm indirect distribution of profits or remainders of management in any case is considered 1) the cessions of assets and the performances of services to associate to you, to the founders, the members the organs trained to you and of control, to those who for whichever title it they operate for the association or of it they make part, to the subjects that carry out liberal operations to favor of the organization, their relatives within the third degree or to their analogous ones within according to degree, nonchè to the societies from this directly or indirectly controlled or connected, carried out to more favorable conditions in reason of their quality; 2) the purchase of assets or services for corrispettivi that, without valid economic reasons, are advanced to their nominal value; 3) the corresponsione to the members the organs trained to you and of control of emolumenti characterizes them annual advanced to the maximum compensation previewed from the 10 D.P.R. October 1994 n. 645, and from 21 D.L. june 1995 n. 239, converted from the Law 3 August 1995 n. 336; 4) the corresponsione to various subjects from the banks and the financial intermediaries authorizes, of interests passes to you to you, in dependency of lend you of every species, advanced of four points to the official bank rate; 5) the corresponsione to the employee workers of salaries or advanced wages of 20 % regarding those previewed from collective bargaining agreements for the same qualifications; c) has the obligation to employ the profits or the remainders of management for the realization of the institutional activities and of those to directly connected they; d) it has the obligation to devolve the patrimony of the organization, in case of issolution for whichever cause, to other not lucrative operations of fine social usefullness or to of public usefullness, felt the organism of control of which to the art. 3, codicil 190, of the law n. 622, save various destination set up from the law.-
The present Charter comes approved of from the associates underwriters that assume the qualification of founding associates and eleggono President the Avv. Antonino Dalmazio and General Segretario........................- Eleggono, also, probiviri 1)........................ 2).......................................
 The President nomination Vice president......................................................
 The President nomination Treasurer...............................................
 The following the General Secretary nomination councilmen: 1)............................................... managing director to the relationships with international, national and regional organisms, with the magistracy and the institutional authorities governmental premises;
2)................................................... to..consigliere delegated to the relationships with the President of the Regional Province of Messina, with the Mayor of the Common one of and with the Chancellor of the ;
3)................................................... consigliere delegated to the relationships with other professional institutes, public agencies, mayoralties, orders, you leave yourself political, provincial and communal organizations and associations;
4).................................................. managing director to the relationships with associates to it to you;
5)................................................ to..consigliere delegated to the decentralization and the relationships with the quarters;
6).......................................... managing director to the organization of plans pilot, studies, you debate yourself, round conferences and tables;
7).......................................... managing director to the pubblicistica and information, also in via data transmission;
8)........................................ consigliere delegated to the relationships with the press.-
The assembly of the associates for the next election of the General Secretary beginning right now comes fixed in indicative way 30 March 2006 and for the election of the President and the the 30 Probiviri september 2006, and will have before to be convened in and second convocazione at least thirty days before said dates.-
Bed, confirmed and underwrite addì one of the month of December of year 2004 in Messina Follows the companies of the founding associates
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